London Walks (5): The Musicals

two by two we marching door to door cause God loves Mormon and he wants some more!

The night before meeting my friend, I had already seen The Book of Mormon Musical at Prince Wales Theatre. It had been in my bucket list for a few months. It didn’t disappoint me. I can feel the fun, excitement, the energetic moves, body expressions and tap dances of the elders that made the whole audience laugh so much, many people stood and applauded in the end. The only shame is that I had already listened to many of the songs in Hong Kong before the trip, so I didn’t instantly had stitches in my stomach. But still the actual experience is wonderful and fantastic. Although it may not have deep content and you can say they make fun of the religion, it is a good concept and idea of a musical. You will never let down by the songs!


Before the show started, I grabbed myself some fish and chips as dinner (but ate that in the rain)!


So this time I saw Lion King the Musical at Lyceum Theatre. Good one, spectacular lighting system, costumes, choreography, backdrops and songs.


Beforehand, we went to the restaurant nearby and had Bangers and Mash.

1609587_10152871886474470_658809064052220663_nAt the end of the show and before the farewell, my friend asked me to see Wicked the Musical next time as well as to come to Devon where I had not as of yet been to, and that I said I will.