London Walks (1): Dickens Museum

Finally I have finished my trip last Saturday in Cambridge and London, and returned to Hong Kong. I suddenly had a lovesickness for it. It is kind of depressing…tears keep swelling over my eyes these few days…to me I like the people who always behave in their best custom and show great and open attitudes to everything. I got a big suitcase with me and many people were eager to give me a hand in carrying up and down the stairs. Apart from that, the cultures strongly expose in eccentricity and vibrancy. I would be so happy to get lost in London to wander around aimlessly. I love roaming about the places and seeing lots of interesting shop signs and people walking past me under this kind of chilling but pocketful of sunshine.

Dickens Museum was my first stop after arriving in London. I arrived on Monday and awaited there half an hour before the admission. I am not an avid Dickens’s fan and not many books of his that I had read but it really overwhelmed me once I stepped into the dining hall. The lady working at the office had been helpful telling me which rooms I should go first as a first-time comer. Apart from that I had jotted down so many notes along the wanderings, visitors around me must have thought I was weird and ignorant of his background? In this case I had stayed there for good three hours. Like Simon Callow said on that leaflet, Dickens presence is immensely strong. I couldn’t help but to get myself an introductory guidebook after visiting the rooms. After that I sneaked into the Café downstairs and had a hot chocolate.It is so good to be travelling alone that I got to talk to a genteel couple about the paintings behind us! I love this place and would like to visit again!

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