Books read in 2014

Total: 20 books


  • The Signalman (Charles Dickens)
  • The Dream Woman (Wilkie Collins)
  • The Law and the Lady (Wilkie Collins
  • The Moonstone (Wilkie Collins)
  • Man and Wife (Wilkie Collins)
  • The Young Clementina (D. E. Stevenson)
  • The Carousel Painter (Judith Miller)
  • Eleven Minutes (Paulo Coelho)

P. G. Wodehouse

  • The World of Blandings
  • Something Fresh (Blandings)
  • Summer Lightning (Blandings)
  • Joy in the Morning (Jeeves and Wooster)
  • Love Among the Chickens (Ukridge)
  • Galahad at Blandings (Blandings)
  • Tales of Wrykyn and Elsewhere


  • Life in 4 Paragraphs (A Cunning Hero)
  • The Invisible Woman (Claire Tomalin)
  • Rules, Britannia: An Insider’s Guide to Life in the United Kingdom (Toni Summers Hargis)
  • The Life of Our Lord (Charles Dickens)
  • The Moaning of Life (Karl Pilkington)

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