by Giovanni Boldini, oil on canvas, circa 1897

by Giovanni Boldini, oil on canvas, circa 1897

Name: Sarah Wong

City: Hong Kong

Fields of Interests:

1) Tudors (Divorced, Beheaded, Died, Divorced, Beheaded, Survived)…I only know The Six Wives of Henry VIII and of their issues, but I hope to gain more knowledge on the political aides, the architectural styles and the others of that decade.

2) Amish (one of my favourite topics and interests in reading and in life! I love their culture and their values. slow and fast in Rumspringa; old and new in the affiliations; high and low in the language (Pennsylvania Dutch/German) they use in daily life and the traditional/progressive groups they come from; plain and fancy from the outsiders’ perspectives, very interesting religious case)

3) Victorians (literature, lifestyle and social matters, history, Pre-Raphaelite Art…I still have a limited choice of Victorian authors in reading habits, and I hope to explore more of that era)

4) Humors (P. G. Wodehouse is my favourite writer in comical novels, so as Roald Dahl in children books. Again, it is an infinitive area to study and to read)

5) Sealand (I may never visit this “country”, too inconvenient to get there by helicopter. But isn’t there a film coming out soon starring Ralph Fiennes? I hope to learn more)

I usually use this blog to improve my English. Thanks for those who give me feedback on the posts! 🙂


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