Jane, the fox & me


12369194_10153853284104470_841992597885891402_nThis is a graphic story which deals with a girl confronting with school bullying while seeking safe haven and comfort in Jane Eyre. What I found impressive in this book is this sentence -“Even with my creeping vine of an imagination, I’m always taken off guard by the insults she invents.” Bullying is really a destructive matter; the vileness always comes afresh and painstakingly excruciating as each day starts anew. Thankfully, Jane Eyre, a novel written by Charlotte Brontë, gives the constructive power to purge Hélène from abnegation to a self-fulfilling colourful life.


While reading the book, I also try figuring out the allusion of the fox. It reminds me of another book called The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. Jane, the fox & me underlines that friendship is the soul-saving love apart from oneself. Rochester is left blind, maimed and unkempt and Jane still loves her; even Hélène is sorted into an outcast group  Géraldine gives all she has for the world of justice and appreciates the good side of hers.

Jane, the fox & me is full of poetic words. The beautiful pictures of plantations provide great juxtaposition and standpoint of a girl’s ambivalent mood while she rambles on the journey between bleakness and hope.