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This is an enchanting book covering seventeen fairy tales published in the nineteenth century with beautiful black-and-white illustrations inserted within. I will discuss each story one by one in my future posts, and hopefully those will be interesting as well as inspiring (not at all intended to be so educational) for you to read!

  • The King of the Golden River by John Ruskin (illustrated by Richard Doyle)
  • The Pied Piper of Hamelin by Robert Browning (George Cruikshank)
  • The Rose and the Ring by William Makepeace Thackeray (illustrated by the author)
  • The Magic Fish-Bone by Charles Dickens (John Gilbert)
  • Melilot by Henry Morley (Charles H. Bennett)
  • The Fairies by William Allingham (Arthur Hughes)
  • The Little Lam Prince and his Travelling-Cloak by Dinah Maria Mulock Craik (John McL. Ralston)
  • Goblin Market by Christina Rossetti (Dante Gabriel Rossetti)
  • The Necklace of Princess Fiorimonde by Mary De Morgan (Walter Crane)
  • The Golden Key by George MacDonald (Arthur Hughes)
  • The Stolen Child by William Butler Yeats
  • The Selfish Giant by Oscar Wilde (Walter Crane)
  • The Brown Owl by Ford Madox Ford (Ford Madox Brown)
  • Rocking-Horse Land by Laurence Housman (illustrated by the author)
  • The Reluctant Dragon by Kenneth Grahame (Maxfield Parroish)
  • The Deliverers of Their Country by E. Nesbit (H. R. Millar)
  • From Peter Pan in Kensington Gardens by J. M. Barrie (Arthur Rackham)