This is what I like about reading short stories as readers, like me, would have garden-like interpretations concerning the plots and the messages conveyed within.

There are five stories included herein: 1) One Checker Game; 2)The End of the Month; 3) The Bridge; 4) Not Guilty; and 5) Purple Haze. Some takes me more time to digest it because they quite nebulous and confused to me at first, some are provocative and overwhelming at once. I especially like the stories of One Checker Game, and The End of the Month. The former being the clever one, after experience the losing of a game, the protagonist gains an opponent; as regards the latter one, the man’s wasted life in reality is made complete through his illusory art and imagery in the extremity of the journey of hell,

The reality of the world could wait a few more hours until I would once again embark on my never-ending journey through hell on earth.

As the introduction has expounded, this book contains stories which projected by both sides of a coin through the same events that the characters would have gone through. It is quite enriching and inspirational in such ways.