I got off the station at Piccadilly Circus and walked along the streets of London and roamed along Westminster Bridge. It was a fine say that day. Along the bridge I met a lady and a man clad in tartan with a piper. They came all the way from Scotland, gave me a lucky heather, and godspeed my journey. Of course I was happy but then realised I was obliged to donate some money. I gave some and got another heather for my friend as well. I don’t mind to be tricked or what, it is always interesting to talk to someone along the journey. Finally I got to the promenade.

William Wordsworth Upon Westminster Bridge

William Wordsworth Upon Westminster Bridge


I don’t know why but it seems just interesting to me. There’re traffic lights but reminders are also on the road to tell you look at left and right. Moreover, the drivers are so courteous they let you cross the road first even the green light is on?!

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Greetings exchanged with my friend who woke up at 5 in Devon and got to London at 12, we headed to enjoy the gruesome tour at London Dungeon adjacent to London Eye. It had lots of interaction with visitors which was the best part, otherwise it wouldn’t be so good. There was a boat ride to “the Traitor’s Gate” and be admitted to “The Tower of London”, and then we experienced and learned about Henry VIII and his anecdotes with his wives, the murder against James I on the Gunpowder Plot conspired by Guy Fawkes and the lot, the torture tools and punishment at The Tower of London, The Bucolic Plague, Sweeney Todd and Mrs. Lovette, Jack the Ripper and so on. Finally we were to be hanged and quartered! It’s like the presentation of Horrible Histories.

After the “ghastly tour” we meandered to Leicester Square.

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This is just one of Yodas levitating at Trafalgar Square

This is just one of Yodas levitating at Trafalgar Square


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Savoy Hotel

Savoy Hotel


Nell Gwyn