I went to Cambridge to join a course on Wilkie Collins. I hope I could contribute more but my knowledge and reading stock were so limited and others had come up with so much ideas in their heads that they could conjure up with comparisons between other authors and works of the similar genres. But what I have gained is that I had complied a long book list from the discussion! My interests in reading and love of authors would not be diminished in any degree and I’ll just keep pushing up my limits…

To me the places which impressed me the most in Cambridge are Parker’s Piece, King’s College and Fitzwilliam Museum. On the day before my course started at Halloween, I went to a second-hand book sale which held every year at the Museum. Paperbacks are 50p and hardbacks are 1 pound only. I got myself Michael Jecks’s The Sticklepath Strangler and A Century of Spooky Stories (recommended by a helper of the Event). I love how everyone was in all fervour in finding the books they want!


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Alan Beeton - Posing

Alan Beeton – Posing

Alan Beeton - Reposing

Alan Beeton – Reposing

Alan Beeton - Composing

Alan Beeton – Composing

Alan Beeton - Decomposing

Alan Beeton – Decomposing