These are the difficult ones: Bleak House, The Diary of a Provincial Lady, Vanity Fair, and Wolf Hall, and I haven’t even started reading any of them. They have been on my shelf  for a long time – 2010, 2012, 2011, and 2013 respectively.

One of the reasons for me not to finish Bleak House is not because of its thick volume but the intricacy of the language. It consists of too many complex sentences and vocabularies that my abilities of  English language is unable to handle. Another reason is that I am too absorbed in the complication of the court case that I often dissuade myself from finishing it. Actually it has a lot of cultural and social criticism and satire that are interesting to study, for example, the idea of devotion of one’s philanthropy towards foreign countries on paper terms but in ignorance of the care for his/her home, family and the local communities; the gluttonous and disciplined life of the clergyman (similar to drunken Mr. Stiggins in The Pickwick Papers that the wives often show dominance on their husbands in playing favourite of the leader)…these concept of description is interesting. Without understanding the court case, it would be much more enjoyable reading the novel. Perhaps I should give my fourth attempt to the book, but first I must get a new edition. This one has not notes/appendix to explain the connotation bits. Please give me some encouragement to start reading Bleak House again for the fourth time!!!

As regards The Diary of a Provincial Lady, like what I have said before, too much moaning in French, and I don’t understand some jokes. However I will look into it soon.

As to the other two, it’s not that I can’t be bothered with them, it’s just that I have put other books as my priorities, so that I don’t have chance to read them yet. 🙂