This is the only bookshelf I’ve got. There are 3 books I haven’t read with potentiality, and what I mean by it is that these are the ones I definitely will read in the near future. However, I am not easy with The Diary of the Provincial Lady; so much moaning in French is going on and I don’t understand French. The other 2 are fine with me.

I usually borrow books from the library including Wilkie Collins’s ones. These three novels by Wilkie Collins with the biography are  not available in this case, so I own them instead. Not bad results these three are all brilliant and turn out as my favourites. I haven’t read the biography though; it’d be better to read more of his works first (on condition that I have to finish The Frozen Deep and The Moonstone). Great!

Next time I’d post some other books that I find much harder dealing with.