I went to the library today to get a novel I reserved a few days ago, and incidentally I got myself this book and finished it in two hours – Life in 4 Paragraphs by A Cunning Hero. “A Cunning Hero” is actually Aneurin Chong’s pseudonym (anagram eh?).  This book has a prologue written by Antonio Lei (aka A stupid ant); I don’t know who this person is, but he is from Trinity College, Cambridge, and I search online and find that he actually has written some theses on Mathematics. Anyway, it consists of 10 poems on life (Creation, Water, Harmony, Morning, Emotions, Money…), each encompasses 16 lines. It is simple, humorous but thought-provoking. I like this one the most, it is called “30000 Days”.


In the end, A Cunning Hero introduces songs by a Japanese singer named Chihiro Onitsuka, who is famed for having a ultrasonic voice with hypnotising effect, and is at best in complementing the poems with her songs. 🙂