EAAGALFinished The World of Blandings and the short stories therein: The Custody of the Pumpkin, Lord Emsworth Acts for the Best, and Pig-Hoo-o-o-o-ey! Love all the three and the last one stands out as my favourite. Lord Emsworth Acts for the Best is also full of silly jokes; the scenario by Freddie is also interesting composition. I am as stunned as the guv’nor when the script involves a black jaguar.

However my brain cannot accommodate too many distrait prunes at one go as there are, I think, so many similar “spirited escapades” to get them digested. I have be granted a leave from Plum for now. But here below is my favourite paasage from  Pig-Hoo-o-o-o-ey. So beautifully declared by James Belford:

“You need a voice that has been trained on the open prairie and that has gathered richness and strength from competing with tornadoes.

You need a manly, sunburned, wind-scorched voice with a suggestion in it of the crackling of corn whisks and whisper of evening breezes in the fodder.”

Love Blandings Castle. Definitely will look in on Lord Emsworth and the Empress soon!