Embarking on the journey of reading Effie Gray’s biography!

To get prepared for embracing myself in the world of Effie Gray in reading a biography named Effie: The Passionate Lives of Effie Gray, John Ruskin and John Everett Millais by Suzanne Fagence Cooper, which focuses on the most notable love triangle in Pre-Raphaelite era, I’m putting some paintings of Sophy Gray, Effie younger sister, up on the post! This one below was painted by Effie Gray’s second husband Millais when she was at around the age of 14. Actually Sophy had appeared as models on Millais’s painting quite a number of times.

Portrait of a Girl (1857)
Portrait of a Girl (1857)

While I researched more information about her on the internet, I have also found that Charles Edward Perugini, Kate Dickens husband after the death of the former one Charles Allston Collins (Wilkie Collins’s myounger brother, also an artist), portrayed this muse as in painting; though date is not known with certainty (found this information on the internet, will check out on the biography for further information and anecdotes).


I can’t wait to read this biography!

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4 thoughts on “Embarking on the journey of reading Effie Gray’s biography!”

    1. Hi Mira, thanks for your comment! Not until the release of movie Effie starring Emma Thompson this year do I know of this love triangle. It is surely interesting because there are also quite a lot of biographies to analyse the relationship!

      1. Really! There’s a movie Effie with Emma Thompson! Why don’t I know about this? :)) Thank you so much! I’m a big fan of Emma Thompson 🙂

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