The Invisible Woman by Claire Tomalin was the book I got last year. I have to admit that I would not have grabbed this book from my shelf if it had not been for the upcoming new movie adapted  from this biography of Nelly Ternan shown in theatres. I will try to recall the points I had jotted down in my notebook but if I have missed out any points or have misunderstood bits of the book please let me know!

Nelly Ternan was born into the family that actively participated in the acting industry, so she must have been a prodigy or inherited with an acting talent. Her mother, Frances Jarman, was also from an acting family of strolling players. She married to a tragedian, Thomas Ternan and was conceived of three beautiful darlings. The eldest being Fanny, the wise and witty, even the most knowledgeable of all. While being a governess to Bice, daughter of widower Thomas Trollope, who was the older brother of Antony Trollope, she somehow married to the Father and lived a congenially life thereafter. She published several novels in Household Words presided over by Dickens’s management. The second eldest daughter, Maria, was the valorous rather than a virtuous one. She married to an Oxford Merchant but with her adventurous vibe, she got herself separated from her husband most of the time and went travelling globally. Nelly, was probably the most vulnerable from her looks but she was also determined about her own life. She had infallible beauty which must have attracted Dickens from the start.