Joy in the morning…Right ho here!

imagesIt’s been a long time seen I last read Jeeves and Wooster novels, and it appeared to be a sudden urge of me to borrow this book from the library as I already have a long queue of books awaiting me in my room.

To simply put it, Jeeves and Wooster novels never disappoint me, including this one. I like all the farce in them. Why does Bertie have to make everything that is supposed to be serious – turns out to be something so invariably ludicrous? This keeps me wondering for so long and gets me, each time, thinking of eliciting the code and formulas of the concatenation. However, of course, I would not do that, and instead I might as well immerse in the humor of the gems

Something I love in reading Jeeves and Wooster novels is that not only these two main characters have got the charisma but as well as the others. The ever-present Lord Worplesdon (second husband to Aunt Agatha, henpecked funny man, issue: Florence (1st wife), and Edwin) and Master Edwin always guarantee a laugh from me. They are the cynosures of this novel. When reading it in bed, once “What? What? What…?”, or “Friday act of kindness” appear between lines of the novel, next minute I will be in a position of holding up my stomach in stitches.

But a longish experience has taught me that on these occasions innocence pays no dividends. Pure as the driven snow though he may be, or even purer, it is the man on the spot who gets the brickbats.

I can’t wait to explore more of Wodehouse’s novels. I have already requested the library to have Aunts aren’t gentlemen and The Mating Season on hold! Hurray!

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