When the heart criesThis is another book I harvested from the Ship. Before reading this book, I had already found out loads of information and facts about the Amish culture, though not very deep of getting into the history, for instance, I had read a novel called Plain Truth by Jodi Picoult, watched some TV programmes about the Amish (Meeting the Amish from Channel 4, Amish: A Secret Life, and Leaving the Amish Paradise, both from the BBC, etc.), so I had already have some vague knowledge of that beforehand. I always like the culture, the traditional costumes, their genuineness, way of values and beliefs.

To me, reading this book is like riding on a roller-coaster as an exaggeration, because I always thought judging from most Amish fiction covers, especially the romantic ones, they would be light reads on bed and stuff. Unexpectedly although it is a story about love, courage and faith, the heroine has been going through a series of unfortunate events. More than that, I can not believe that some evil thoughts and wrongdoings would exist among some Amish characters in this book, because I think most Amish fictions are some sort of promotion of positiveness and purity. In this case, I found this book really appealing and hard to be put down. I also like the code mixing and switching of dialogues between English and Pennsylvania Dutch, and the consideration of compiling each foreign word that is being described and said in the book at the back pages. Disappointing to me the story doesn’t finish in the first book and obviously it is a trilogy which means that I have to read the second and the third one and see how it all ends.

This book gives me a new insight about Amish fiction and I hope to explore more works by Cindy Woodsmall in future. Apart from that, I also have a book called The Amish by Donald Kraybill with me and I am so very excited to read it very soon!