Patricia’s Autobiography!

tumblr_lhuq8r29ZC1qbvz7ro1_400Borrowed Pattie Boyd’s biography because I always wanted to read it. To me she was really beautiful with uniqueness. I reserved this book with high expectations. Before that, I used to browse her story and the affairs between the two famous musicians on the search engines as my pastime. I thought that would be great once I got this book on my hand.

First of all, I am happy knowing her childhood from the first few chapters, about the family history and the time of her residing in South Africa with her grandparent. She had an abusive stepfather and he treated her brother and sisters with neglect and cruelty; he used to tell them putting both of their hands on the head and later filled with sore and muscular pains, but her mother turned a blind eye on it and behaving submissively before her husband. During the time when she was in South Africa she developed a bonding between the maids of her house, and it was the time when there were conflicts and war between the two races. After a few years or so she and some of her siblings moved back to England, with her enrolling to a boarding school in the South, and it also happened that she changed  schools incessantly until the age of about seventeen, got herself an agent to become a model, and ultimately appearing to be one of the most successful celebrities in the sixties, working with renowned fashion designers and photographers, befriending with other brilliant fellow models of her time in London. After a few more years or so, she gained an one-off opportunity of filming a Beatles movie – A Hard Day’s Night in 1964, which was the time when she met her first husband – George Harrison, with that she embarked on an unforgettable journey of her own.

I think this book started off interestingly, and I was encapsulated and fascinated about her childhood and the experience that she had undergone, but after those chapters of her childhood, I had a feeling that I didn’t know if I had found too much details about her famous affairs between the two talented artists, and the trip to India, and the death of Brian Epstein before reading this book, I felt bored at some time. However, it was interesting in how she met Eric Clapton, became his musical inspiration of songs such as Layla, Bell Bottom Blues, exchanged a few correspondences before leaving George and finally became a wife of his, got him to be whimsical and composed a song called Wonderful Tonight. It was heartbreaking to see how her relationships fell into pieces and always ended up with infidelity since they started off with inflammable passion and intensity.

 I hope to explore more biographies about The Beatles in future.