$(KGrHqYOKkYE0++75R+hBNfu+3B0)!~~_32Got this Book during Christmas time, after I boarded a ship called “Logos Hope” by the Victoria’s Harbour. It was sold at 150 units, which was about HK$30 at calculation. I also bought 2  Amish romance fictions but are still on my TBR bookshelf.

English Fairy Tales (Wordsworth Edition) consists of 41 typical children stories. Before reading this book, if you ask me if there are any stories in the book which I’ve heard of, I would say some with only a very limited knowledge. For instance, Jack and the Beanstalk, Little Red Riding Hood, Three Little Pigs, Dick Whittington and His Cat….I don’t know if most people especially from Britain have heard most English fairy tales since they were little, but sorry for my ignorance, I don’t really know much about them. However after reading this book, it has opened my eyes on English Fairy Tales. I don’t particularly like the giant-killing adventures, on the contrary, I find the simple ones engaging, that I always think they must convey some kind of philosophical meanings underneath the stories.  For instance, The Story of Three Bears, Titty Mouse and Tatty Mouse, and Henny-Penny. I don’t think myself reading the repetitive dialogues and storylines in boredom, on the other hand, they sound interesting in a sort of way because I am intrigued to know how the conversations finally variate and  turn out in the end. I soon must enrolled myself to attend some literary classes on fairy tales and know more about the underlined meanings and philosophical significance of them.

Apart from those, I am also engrossed in stories like The True History of Sir Thomas Thumb, and The Fish and the Ring. It so happened that these stories are really adventurous and phenomenal, and I am especially enthralled by the legendary tale about Sir Thomas Thumb, because stories concerning Merlin are just interesting. There are also some creepy ones in this book, and bedtime stories must be selected before reading them aloud to the kids, for example, Mr Fox, and The Rose Tree. Surely I must have heard those before when they are probably recorded in the scary ones of Grimms’ Fairy Tales (Bluebeard and The Juniper Tree).

But out of those fairy tales, I still find Dick Whittington and His Cat is the best of all! Here is the picture of the Whittington Stone in Holloway!


from wikipedia