9780199554065WILKIE Collins is certainly the writer who arouses my interests in reading Victorian literature and sensational novels, and even to be the one who triggers my love of reading. Suffice to say that since I am an addict to him, and am not a bit disappointed with this one. It only takes me four days to finish it; the plot is deadly intriguing and the characters are superbly wonderful, and simply cannot let yourself neglect it for a minute. I definitely do not regret buying it (this book is not available in the libraries of my place).

I don’t want to give the plot away, just as similar to the feeling that none would want to be spoilt by reading the Introduction pages of his books. Briefly to say, it is the story about a blind girl named Lucilla, twin brothers of Brighton (I feel guilty to write these words lest you would guess what happens next), and a woman who is  the companion of the girl; and the backdrops are mainly set in the rectory and a desolate house called Browdown which is right off the hill (interesting place that is!).

To me, the chapters about the retelling of the story of the trial told by Madam Pratolungo, the arrival to the house of the twin brother from America, and the narration of Journal belonging to the blind girl with notes and letters (epistolary writing is something we enjoy when reading Wilkie’s novels) edited and inserted by Madam Pratolungo, are the most interesting parts throughout the novel. Of all the characters, Nugent Dubourg is the most wonderful one. Similar to other villains of Wilkie Collins’s novels, he has a decent and charismatic disposition. He surely cannot be described as cunning, but skillful and clever, just as what Madam Pratolungo says. It is diverting to read the part where he cites the words of Doctor Johnson to support his argument and remonstrance towards Mr Finch of the Voice and Mrs Finch of the Wife. Right in their faces!!! He is also someone to be sorry for, and it is an agony to see him trying to win what he thinks to be destined for but unable to escape the remorse towards himself and his brother, and also the struggle between conscience and greed.

It is sad that the novel reaches the end and I certainly feel that the dialogues are still lingering and stuck in my head. Wilkie Collins is a genius.